About time I got around to this.

You have reached the about page of Ro Atkinson a.k.a. Harry Monmouth.  Despite having a number of blogs with beautifully designed layouts and a wealth of information on the ‘about’ pages I have ended up making this plain looking blog my main page.  I have kind of let those others fall to the wayside in what is probably a statement about how the only thing that matters is the content I write.  Not the design of the site, not the blurb about who I am but the words that I write.

All the same I only realised today after writing the 44th post to this blog that I was an enigma.  I had done nothing to satisfy the curiosity of those who came to this page, and I know there have been many.  With this in mind I have decided to let you in on who I am.  I was trained as an artist before escaping into Europe to challenge myself.  When I returned I decided to re-enter education with the result that I gained a LLB in law.  What I also gained, not only from my degree but also from everything throughout my life, was the unique perspective that informs the opinions I put on this blog.  There is no particular theme to my content, it is merely the mindsplurge that must be committed into the written word.

For those who are interested I didn’t get offered the place as Gadget guru in the end.  This may be on account of my interests being a bit broader than merely gadgets.  My guess it would be the giveaway that I am a touch anti corporate.  When a site relies on keeping a good relationship with companies it is probably not a good idea to have a blogger that seems to slip into the persona of Wolfie Smith.  Anyway, things are always going up and on.  I have been released from the threat of blogging for someone else so that I can continue to blog for myself, amongst other things.  Watch this space as things are going to happen.


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