Jimmy Savile. Concidences? Surely they must be.

It is interesting how many coincidences you can see if you only look for them. Why was Jimmy Savile keen to fix it for the Yorkshire Ripper to shake hands witha Frank Bruno? I wonder how this occurred. What did Peter Sutcliffe say to Jimmy that would make Jimmy do something that was bound to create such a cloud of negative publicity? The human mind can find patterns anywhere even if there is no substance to create such a pattern. It is one of the talents that helped us evolve. It is probably just coincidence when a star who is accused of heinous crimes does nice things for a criminal accused of heinous crimes. It is probably just coincidence that one of Sutcliffe’s teenage victims had her body discovered in Savile Park, Halifax. It must be very unlikely that it just appealed to the sense of humour of a man that did heinous things in front of the world and was laughing because he felt that nobody could ever catch him or accuse him. I am certain that conspiracy theories could be built upon flimsy coincidences like these.

BBC: When Louis Met Jimmy Savile – Zero Tolerance!  I have noticed that a great many people who have been coming to the blog today have not been watching the Zero Tolerance video here.  It is a scary video in that it is simply showing Jimmy’s own words about his time as a dance hall manager in leads.  For those who do not wish to click through I shall describe what he says.  Jimmy worked in the dance hall in the early 60s, around the time that Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper was a teenager.  I have seen no evidence that Sutcliffe went to this dance hall but it is another coincidence that when Jimmy was sleeping with all these teenage girls it was around the same time that Sutcliffe was a teenager of about the same age, living in the same area.  In this video from a show by Louis Theroux the cameraman has been left with Savile after Theroux has retired for the evening.  I do not think Savile realises that the camera is still rolling.

Savile describes how he operated a Zero Tolerance policy.  He never called the police if there were trouble makers in the club, he didn’t even throw them out.  Savile says he would tie them up and leave them in the boiler room until he was ready for them around 3 or 4am.  He describes himself as being, “judge, jury and executioner.”  He says that he used to have trouble with the police but he didn’t care.  They would complain that he had been too heavy handed with his victims bu he would say to the Police,  “Your daughter comes in here. She’s 16.  She’s not supposed to come into town but she does and she comes here.  I presume you would like me to look after her.  If you don’t want me to look after her, tell me and I’ll let those dirty slags do whatever they want with her.”  He goes on to tell the camera man, “I never got nicked, he he he he he.”  These are his words.  Said by him.  On video.

I did not know much about Jimmy Savile but after seeing the video above I thought that it would be far too much coincidence to discover after finding a connection with the Yorkshire ripper that Jimmy had a personal connection with Yorkshire. I hypothesised that if there was a connection then Jimmy would have a connection and if this was so then my hypothesis would be backed up. Apparently the nightclubs in which Sir Jimmy says he was judge, jury and executioner were in Yorkshire. I wonder if Peter Sutcliffe enjoyed the nightlife. I will have to go and check dates now and see if there is any correlation.

So apparently Peter Sutcliffe was around 15 at the time when Jimmy Saville was running ballrooms and allegedly sleeping with 15 year olds in Leeds. Leeds of course being the place that Peter Sutcliffe began his string of murders years later.

Apparently as a boxer in his youth Jimmy said he broke every bone in his body and loved it. It seems to me that only a psychopath would love it if they were breaking every bone in their body. Psychopaths are often considered to be very intelligent. Perhaps they might be clever enough to join MENSA. Jimmy was a MENSA member coincidentally. So many coincidences. If it turned out that there was anything else that made him appear to have any odd similarities with any psychopathic killers it would all seem far too much. I wonder how people would interpret it if he were to be overly close with his mother. Perhaps he might live with her and refer to her as the Duchess. Perhaps on her passing he might keep her room exactly as it was during her lifetime and perhaps he might have her clothes dry cleaned once a year for her even after she had gone. That would be more than a little suspicious on top of everything else wouldn’t it. It would also be apparently true according to some sources.

One could imagine that a paedophile who worked in hospitals might possibly be there for victims in addition to generating good will but why would a paedophile volunteer at Broadmoor. I suppose it is possible that he might have old friends there or perhaps he might wish to pave the way for if he might be forced to have new friends there.

Any other bizarre coincidences would really make a person think. Like if during the time that Jimmy was the honorary president of PHAB (physically handicapped in the able bodies community) and volunteering to work in hospitals this was also the period when Sutcliffe’s victim Vera Millward turned up dead in the grounds of Manchester Royal Infirmary.

One would certainly have to wonder if Sutcliffe and Savile were connected. If they were might they even exchange gifts on birthdays. What sort of gifts would you give in such a situations. If two people had such macabre attitudes in common what would they do to celebrate each other’s birthdays? Naturally it must be another in a long string of coincidences that sees Sutcliffe’s first successful murder taking place the day before Jimmy’s birthday. It is easy to see how conspiracy theories build up out of all these patterns.

Edit:  Although I have written this from the measured point of view that the human mind sees patterns even where it is simply coincidence that the patterns appear to exist, there does appear to be something far stranger and darker about Jimmy Savile than we have seen so far.  I did the research above last night with a few perfunctory unbiased Google searches on Savile and Sutcliffe.  When I awoke this morning I started doing searches targeted to specifically uncover information that might suggest Savile was darker than we have so far understood.  According to my searches there are a lot of people out there who have spotted not just my coincidences above but a lot of other circumstantial evidence that does point towards Savile being a figure that actually makes this last week’s news seem very tame.


I had not read the story in this link last night as I had not read any opinions that were deliberately biased towards making Savile look like more than we thought he was already.  The suggestions in the story back up the information I had already discovered last night and paint a picture of Savile that suggest that while we are good at creating patterns out of nothing we are also good at ignoring the evidence right in front of our eyes.  I do not know how deep all this Savile stuff goes.  So far I have only dealt with simple facts and looked at simply coincidence.  I am now going to start looking into the darker conjecture that thinks the unthinkable.  I had heard that David Icke had a lot to say on this subject.  As we all know Icke is impossible to take seriously and for that reason I know very little of his theories.  Apparently his Savile theory was correct though.  I do not know the entirety of his Savile theory or whether it corresponds with my own but in the elements that have so far been published it seems to be one of those rare occasions when Icke has actually been correct.  Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

I wrote to Jim myself as a kid.  I guess I dodged a bullet in that he never replied.  Ironically I had said, ‘Dear Jim’ll, (I thought that was his name) can you fix it for me to be a detective?  He never replied but in being as suspicious as he is, it looks like he has indeed fixed it for me to be a detective.

Edit 2:  Well this is interesting: http://www.execulink.com/~kbrannen/trial03.htm .  Bear in mind I have not judged whether execulink is a legitimate source of information.  It could be that this is a false account but as I have no reason to believe this I am posting it anyway with the advice that before accepting what it says it might be a good idea to check that it is a reliable source of evidence.  If whilst reading this page you do a search for Savile you will discover that one of Sutcliffe’s murders was committed within hearing distance of Savile’s house.  Sutcliffe says he heard a car driving away from it and later discovered that Savile lived there.  This is definitely one coincidence to many in my opinion.  If this is a true account of the evidence given in trial then I very much doubt that Sutcliffe’s version of the facts is accurate and I very much doubt he just happened to hear the car and knew nothing of Jimmy Savile’s occupancy of the house.

Of course there is always the possibility that somebody is laying a false trail but never-the-less all of these very strange coincidences do lead to incredibly dark suggestions.

Edit 3:  This is another page from the blog above that offers a little more insight.  The blog asserts that it takes no legal responsibility for the information and does not necessarily reflect the views of the writer. http://aangirfan.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/jimmy-savile-kray-twins-cliff-richards.html

I will also disassociate myself from the information contained within.  I am finding all the coincidences to be far too much to cope with.  It is making me feel sick to read the things I am writing.  The link above suggests that there are people involved in this dark story who are still household names.  Perhaps portraying saintly images like the image that Jimmy himself portrayed.  People whom we know had unusual qualities to their sexual lives anyway but had never linked to this sort of thing, much as we had never linked Jimmy to this sort of thing either.

It does make one think.  If you were committing terrible crimes then wouldn’t you want to cover that up and project an image that suggested you were whiter than white.  Well obviously we would indeed.  I am not going to draw any conclusions myself.  My stomach on the other hand is not as impartial as me.  My stomach is turning and my stomach has reached its conclusions.

One article I have not mentioned so far is the following Mail article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2213636/Uncle-Jimmy-took-sick-parties-Nephew-tells-childhood-stolen-13.html#ixzz28V6p6JTy 

This is one of the articles I read before I even considered reading this blog.  At this point I was still at my incredulous, ‘wow, wtf with this news’ stage.  Of course as it is an account according to one of Savile’s own relatives it has to be put in amongst the evidence.  Imagine if you were taking to a house belonging to a group of paedophiles and then your uncle Jimmy walked in.  This story is just too bizarre for me to even think about any more.  I shall continue adding things if I find them but I have given up all pretence of applying my writing ability to create a cohesive blog now.  I am simply shocked, upset and, really at a loss for words.  I will just add information if I find it.  I really hope I do not.  I have seen too much already.

Before I duck out on this and go and try to find where my innocence of all this horror is hiding I will leave the following link: http://www.blumarten.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/Jimmy%20Saville.htm This was apparently an internet meme back in the days before I owned my own computer.  It has been said that it was either written by Victor Lewis Smith or Chris Barrie thought nobody has ever admitted to it.  It is a fictionalised account of an episode of Have I Got News For You.  In it the Paul Merton character has rather a lot to say to the Savile character.  It is meant as some kind of satirical humour and it is possible to see this, but really I don’t think anyone can laugh any more.


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