A new business model for a new world

A new business model for a new world.

I have recently been asked by my employers to write blogs for the college.  Their idea is marketing of the college I believe but I am a thinker and I believe in making my writing interesting and informative.  They do manage to make me write the occasional couple of blogs that are essentially for the purposes of promoting some piece of college news but when they complained that the direction I was taking was not relevant to the college’s mission statement and direction of focus I gave them relatively short shrift and explained that social media is not an advertising platform, it is about engagement and they have hired me for the fact that I am an educated academic not for the fact that I use a lot of social media.  As such I will write blogs that touch upon interesting items of relevance to the subjects in which I teach or which I am studying.

If they wish to get someone to simply post adverts I think they would be far better off hiring a conventional marketer on a lower wage than that of a law professor.  Having said that I think my current wage is possibly too low to attract a marketer in London.

Anyway, I have been doing my thing and writing a few blogs, unfortunately as many of the topics on which I write are pertinent to the courses we offer at my college I have taken to publishing such blogs there.  I kind of felt cheated by this as I wish to provide content for this blog and all those who watch it.  So I have decided that whenever I blog anything elsewhere I will provide you with a link to the site if I believe it is appropriate for the style in which I write here.  Some of the blogs will stay put on the CSBM blog, Capital Concepts, and of course a few tech oriented ones will go to my other blog, pcmakto.  I will also link you to the new pcmakto blogs as they are quite interesting.  In fact all of my blogs are quite interesting but I will let you find the other CSBM ones yourself if you so wish.  I just thought I  would let you know the state of affairs in case you were wondering why I keep reblogging other people.  They are all me.  It is complex in my head.

The link you see above is to a blog I wrote the other day on the changes away from short termism towards long term strategic planning that are becoming prevalent in larger tech companies.  As such it is probable that I should be publishing it on the pcmakto blog rather than here, I may have to reblog it there, so confusing.  Anyway, I examine the choices that are being made by Google and Microsoft in combining their software and devices to be built to match.  The recent appointment of Marissa Mayer as Yahoo CEO has been interpreted by many commentators as being a move towards more products rather than services so maybe they will start taking this approach as well.

I think my interpretation of the progression that is being made has a certain novelty in that I have not read anyone else making a similar interpretation.  If this bears out and I am correct then I will be quite pleased to be the first to see it happening.


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