Should Lads’ mags be Condemned?

I just came across this article on the Guardian website and I wondered what everyone’s opinion was on it. It talks about the two lad’s mags, ‘Nuts’ and ‘Zoo’ and also considers ‘Loaded’ and ‘Arena’. I once read a copy of either Nuts or Zoo that was on a bus seat and it appeared to be mostly drivel with boobs. Loaded was a good read in my youth but is palpable pap nowadays. I am not familiar with the modern version of Arena as I knew it only in its artistic earlier format. None of them are really to my taste as I think life is too short for simplistic titillation but I do not have any ideological objection to any of them.

It seems from the article that with the exception of the reservations felt by the author almost everyone involved, models included, thought it was a bit of fun and their own choice. The main objections seem to be from people who are by choice not even involved in the genre. Surely the whole point of living in a liberal democracy is that we all have the freedom to do as we wish. It strikes me that the naysayers for this form of publication are repressed prudes who are simply sticking their oar in due to the fact that they are clinging to a past which has been gradually eroding since it was first recognised that a lady did not need to cover her ankles in public.

However, I am a man and as such do find the visual imagery of naked women stimulating and by nature aim to progress towards a role of domination in all aspects of life, such is the imperative of male genetics, I may be biased in my views. For this reason I would really like to canvas the opinions of others, particularly the ladies, within my networks and see how people in general feel about this sort of publication. Is it viewed as negatively as the negative speakers who make their voices heard say it is, or is it a sign of the times and simply a natural progression away from the culture that was previously forced upon us before our society became more liberal and secular?

One final thought which has just occurred to me is that isn’t it part of the nature of feminism that women should be allowed greater freedom?  For millennia they have been repressed by men and it is in this last century that they have at last been allowed to express themselves as they wish to express themselves.  However, it seems that even now they are restricted from the freedom that they should by right be allowed, and I can guarantee that if men were given the opportunity no one would stop them.  This restriction of their freedom to express themselves is ironically often the product of the intervention of self proclaimed feminists who feel uncomfortable with such decisions themselves.  The basis of this discomfort is merely a vestige of an ancient religion which has become so ingrained into the cultures of the world that it has become part of our psychological make up that many of us are unable to shake off.  Certainly it is being shaken off gradually; the practice of covering a tables legs so as to not arouse menfolk is archaic and laughable nowadays yet people still cling to the ideals of these ancient religious attitudes.  I am certain that all religious proscriptions were made with sensible aims and of course in the more dangerous past a woman would have needed far greater protection against the rampant passions of possible male assailants.  However, we now have an advanced society that is growing ever more advanced, I do not think it is over optimistic to say that the law and cultural mores are rapidly beginning to arrive at a position where we can imagine a time in the future when women will be safe from potential rapists.  In the days that these rules were created such a possibility was probably not even imaginable.

Isn’t it time we allowed people to make their own choices when it comes to such harmless activities?  We allow people to make their own decisions in vastly more damaging areas of life.  It seems to me to be hypocritical that we take this stance when it comes to adult nudity.


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