So Pippa Middleton is a crazed gunman’s sidekick?

The post above is from the Sun, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s newscorp.  I have been batting a few of my opinions onto Facebook for the benefit of my friends but once again it appears that my passion for the issue has led me to write far too many words so I have come here to post them for the world.  I believe that some of the things I say need to be emphasised.  I am aware that they have been said before but they have not been said by me and I believe they need to be said again because the world is still allowing it to happen.

This is an utterly ridiculous overreaction. Do you really think that someone in the company of the future queen’s sister would be likely to point a real gun at a PHOTOGRAPHER for the PRESS? It is obviously a fake.

Admittedly in the instance that they were pointing it in a threatening manner this would also be fairly stupid, but consider they have obviously been attending a fancy dress party then it seems obvious that they are: a) wearing costumes, which may include fake guns. b) having a good time and just messing around, not getting violent and perpetrating gun crime. c) merely posing for the cameras and not making threats at the camera man.

What you are seeing here is a sly camera man who has realised that his photo of a group of kids playfully posing for him to get an amusing picture will be worth a lot more money if he reports it to the police and creates an international scandal so that news sites throughout the English speaking world will want to pay massive amounts of money for the picture that the kids playfully set up for him.

This is highly irresponsibly journalism. I am not saying the kids were not stupid but this photojournalist is exactly the sort of reason why it is impossible to get any decent representation of what is actually happening in the world from the newspapers. It would be harsh to say that the entire profession is a joke but I refused to complete my journalism degree because I was to ashamed to spend my life working in this field.

This article comes from the Guardian and they recognise the ridiculous overreaction.

This is the view of the left in the newspaper world. The left are notorious for their ambivalent stance on the royal family yet at least the Guardian can see sense. What you see here is the difference between responsible journalism by people of intelligence and mercenary journalism by retards that can barely string a hundred words together.–Koch.html?ITO=socialnet-twitter-mailonline

Finally I present to you the view of the Daily Mail, which I consider to be a newspaper in name only.  Kudos to them for taking the side of common sense.  I was surprised; basically if even the Daily Mail think you’re approach to journalism is ridiculous and sensationalist then the lesson to be learnt from this is that you should have your oxygen privileges revoked.

I read the Daily Mail’s reportage expecting more sensationalism but even the Daily Mail can see the Sun is overreacting. I can only imagine that the result of Rupert Murdoch’s completion of a PPE degree was that he became a nihilist because he appears to have no control over his subordinates unless he has imposed upon them that any means to the end of raking in as much cash as possible is acceptable.

That man may not approach Hitler’s level of abhorrent behaviour but considering that Hitler’s actions led to the creation of the human rights act and the formation of the European Union and common market that allows us all to buy such cheap goods from Europe, not to mentions many other reactions around the world such as the recognition of the crime of genocide I would submit that Rupert Murdoch will have a far more malignant effect on the world than Hitler did.

That may sound over the top; admittedly Hitler was an evil S.O.B. but the reaction to his attempts to annihilate the Jews has led to the substantial resolution of tensions that were felt throughout the western world for hundreds of years.  Admittedly there are still problems surrounding this issue but the difference to the popular opinion regarding minorities before 1945 is incredible.  I will be surprised if Murdoch manages to generate such an adverse reaction to his brand of evil.  Hitler was an irritant that we could use as a springboard to make a better world but Murdoch is merely a creeping malaise that fills our lives with everlasting misery.


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