Early morning

Well, here I am, 7:17am at work.  I can only justify this by not actually doing any work and instead posting on wordpress.  It is not that I don’t have enough work to do.  In truth I have too much by a long shot.  I feel like I am in front of a mountain stood on a grassy slope.  Ahead of me is a gradually sharpening incline up similarly meadowed land.  I know that I am not going to reach the crags for a while so I might as well chill in this warm soft landscape.

I guess I need to get it into my head that a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.  However the step off from writing a blog or a short story into writing commercial law texts is not such a small step.  I am particularly not looking forward to writing on Intellectual Property rights.  Silly really, as a citizen of the net with an interest in tech I am very familiar with the subject, yet it is not one of those that I studied academically.

The boss wants to see my progress today.  I am unsure whether he will appreciate the efforts I have so far gone through.  It is true that I have essentially so far completed a hefty tome on business law but on the other hand he is expecting snappy powerpoints and lecture plans, not hundreds of pages of academic conjecture and dry facts.  Mind you, as he discovered a new website of graphics for powerpoints yesterday that he has decided that we must all incorporate into our powerpoints for the sake of uniformity perhaps it was wise for me to wait as they would have all been useless at this stage if I had done them.

If I was lecturing myself it would all be so simple.  Well, I am lecturing myself but that is not the problem.  The problem is that many other lecturers are expecting to work from my lecture plans.  As these are currently in the form of a lengthy text I would feel sorry for their students having to sit through it if they are not so adept at delivery as myself.

Anyway, enough splurge for now.  I must whip up a magical induction week before I begin today.  Something a little more relaxed than masses of fact checking and referencing.  If you have any good ideas for leadership development that I could use to encourage independent thinking in young students please post them.


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Full of grace and fair regard, a true lover of the holy church. The courses of his youth promised it not but his body has become a paradise enveloping and containing celestial spirits. He has a sudden scholar become after reformation, in a flood, with heady currance scoured his faults and unseated his Hydra-headed wilfulness. Hear him but reason in divinity, and all-admiring with an inward wish you would desire he were made a prelate: Hear him debate of commonwealth affairs, You would say it hath been all in all his study: List his discourse of war, and you shall hear a fearful battle render'd you in music: Turn him to any cause of policy, the Gordian knot of it he will unloose, familiar as his garter: that, when he speaks, the air, a charter'd libertine, is still, and the mute wonder lurketh in men's ears, to steal his sweet and honey'd sentences; so that the art and practic part of life must be the mistress to this theoric: Which is a wonder how he should glean it, since his addiction was to courses vain, his companies unletter'd, rude and shallow, his hours fill'd up with riots, banquets, sports, and never noted in him any study, any retirement, any sequestration from open haunts and popularity.

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