Alessio Rastani Revelations

I have to say I was highly amused by the Alessio Rastani revelations.  Those of you who do not know who he is may have seen him anyway in the BBC report on the stockmarkets that is going around at the moment.  Mr Rastani was the chap who stated that Goldman Sachs ruled the world and that traders were just in it for the profit.  I believe his message was that it is a flawed system and we had better all start getting prepared for the inevitable crash because as far as he was concerned the coming financial doom that the stockmarket has in its future is an opportunity for wise investment and huge profit.


There seems to be a lot of conjecture today that he may be a hoaxer of some kind just trying to make the financial world look foolish.  That is certainly fairly likely.  The alternative is that he is a much rarer thing, an honest trader.  It is not impossible.  Everyone knows that we live in harsh financial times, as long as you have the understanding that the stock market is there to be drained dry to fill your pockets then you have some of the knowledge to ply your trade there.  He didn’t say anything that we don’t already know.  Anyone who has studied the subject knows that what he said described the modus operandi of the free market perfectly.  What has shocked people is that someone has dared to speak about it.


Some people consider Alessio to be a fiend, others think of him as a modern folk hero.  He is certainly only a fiend if he is alone in his beliefs.  However, we all know he is not.  Just as we don’t mention in front of the kids that Grandma has the big C we don’t mention in front of the proletariat that we are all having a whale of a time drinking their mortgages by the magnum.  The first rule of the failure of capitalism is you don’t talk about the failure of capitalism.  The second rule of the failure of capitalism is you DON’T TALK ABOUT THE FAILURE OF CAPITALISM.  This is the topic of working class satirical comedians.  No-one takes them seriously, they can say what they want, it will be ignored and forgotten before long.  But what happens when the traders and the bankers start saying these things.  Can it be so easily swept under the carpet?


Unfortunately it probably can.  Alessio is only one voice.  He isn’t telling us anything new, this is no revolution.  But perhaps it is the first sign that change may be coming.  Maybe the traders and the banks will start to take notice that they have been caught in the act.  Before this it was all speculation by malcontents, they didn’t have the specialist knowledge to prove what they accused .  Now however it is admitted.  I have to wonder what will come first.  Will the free market adapt itself to not screwing every penny out of the people or will the people start putting the heads of traders and bankers on sticks to serve as a warning to the future?


Heads on spikes will only come as a last resort when society has collapsed and when we can’t even feed or clothe ourselves anymore.  I hope I am just being overly cynical when I say I have more faith in the free market to take us down that route than I have faith that it won’t.


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