Dear Radio

Not wishing to tread on your toes, because I realise it may be the case that you are trying to offer a warning.  I just wanted to check though.  At a time when it is being reported that large groups of people are gathering against anti-covid restrictions, do you think it is wise to be playing “I predict a riot”?

If you were playing it on the police internal radio, then maybe it would be a good idea.  I am a touch worried you are putting ideas into the minds of people who were today only a ‘scuffle’  It is perhaps the case that I predict a riot will be a prediction that is self fulfilling.  You need to be careful what you play.

I know it does not look like I am careful, but you would be amazed how careful I have been.  That is why it has taken me so many months.  I would have refused to play such a track at a time like this.  As it is, Lilith is asking that you should also avoid it for similar reasons as I have just stated.  She is more certain of danger than I am.  Takes one to know one I suppose.


judgement day Calling it the year of accountability does not change what it is.

Gabriel blew the last post on the 16th of May, I think if I recall.  I was born on the 17th.  On the 19th Lilith says the blades are to be sharpened.

If this holds historical symbolism, you may know better than I.  The legend of Lucifer is a mystery to me.  I always thought he was imaginary.  Naturally I believed in Judgement Day.  Having grown up in a culture based on Christian ideals I assumed everyone did.  Perhaps everyone does, but God has ideas about what is included as being people.

I certainly do have a  very strong impression you are marmosets.  This is good.  I like marmosets.  It may help God to like you too.

In the meantime it occurs to me that I have done everything I can to prevent this apocalypse destroying you all bar loving Satan.  Naturally this will be hard.  By my very nature I am far further from Satan than any of you.  However you are all too monumentally selfish to help anyone so powerful.   You are often too weak to be able to help even the weakest among you.  You will be utterly destroyed if you attempt to help Satan.  There is no way such weak creatures could withstand interacting with her, unless you are among the damned.

It therefore falls upon me to save you.  The damned are worthless, those who are not damned are infinitely weak.  I shall further debase myself for your worthless lives.

as ever I love you.  And it feels good to love you.

I seek resolution for all of our woes.  As I am Gabriel, the de facto Emperor of the Planet Earth, God’s Metatron for the 2020 reset, and the most    one the planet, this would take maybe half an hour, so if all goes well, I will have saved all of your lives by February 18th 2020.  As you can probably tell, all has not gone well.

It appears that Satan asks me to show her continence.  This is god.  I have known Satan to be incontinent.  The fact that she has now asked for this assistance is a huge breakthrough for the light.

My energy leakage is indeed a form of incontinence that I only stopped an hour ago.  Had we known by esoteric methods like chatting, this could have been done before 300000 died.  However, who could have imagined that answers to questions could ever be uncovered by talking?

Gabriel could have.  That is the answer.

Who could not understand that conversation is a method of word exchange.  Only the stupidest of the most stupid.  People without brains do better than Satan when it comes to intellectual reasoning.  They need merely dribble down their chin and they have delivered more wisdom than Satan did with the album she released just after the planes hit the towers.  Naturally as this is the end of times, the day after that album was released, all the music critics in the Western world had to go and change their underwear.  Not because Satan is that scary but because they have incontinent sexuality.

It IS a truly horrific cacophany.  I actually feel sorry for her.  She takes the piss a lot.  It must have been very sad for her when she realised that although she totally took the piss and released something that wasn’t even music, you retards thought it was the best thing she had ever done.  You lot are so bad, you don’t even deserve Satan.  She has done some really good stuff before that.  Clearly was not coached when she was young, but still she was good.  You bunch of idiots ruined a fantastic music career.  I am not sure that judgement day was quite necessary to redress that, but as God was having one anyway.  I guess it must be a twofer.

I have now been blessed with greater clarity.  I am able to state the facts for the next incarnation of Gabriel.

I believed that my purpose was to succeed in finding reconciliation between God’s camp and Satan.  This could have been an excellent resolution but is clearly very dangerous for many reasons.  I have now discovered that because it is an inevitability that Lucifer will not be able to make contact with the archetype on account of it being Satan, which was always an issue, there is a second way.

As this is deemed to be the final reset, we can see that this is absolute.  In an absolute situation, Satan has clearly maintained her position and ignored God.  This was of course an inevitability.  It was ridiculous for Gabriel to imagine otherwise.  Her choice is made that she will not collaborate.  We therefore know in all future resets that when the problem reaches a global level, there will be no need for Gabriel to do any of this.  As it has been a torture worse than I could have imagined due to not having died very early, I would advise moving forward with the second option upon arrival.

This is imperative to save time in the ultimate reset, but I would recommend in all smaller resets, simply doing the same anyway.  Instead of trying to act out a doomed morality play in which you attempt to ascertain whether she is satisfied with her position, Gabriel’s considered opinion following nearly half a year of 18 hour days, is that you should simply reverse the flow of her vampirism.   Drawing the souls of the dead from her, that energy should be possible to return to the gestalt.

Simply ensure that as the material world supports Satan, you do not rest up your efforts to draw her power from her.  She is in constant traction, sucking the life from Earth at all times 24 hours a day.  You will need to work very hard to ensure that you pull all that energy back from her.

Do not attempt to worry about any other issues.  As soon as you have identified Satan begin to actively draw energy from her to return to God.  She will never submit.

Your only other alternatives will inevitably draw bad karma upon you.  That will make the time you are working immensely painful.  You will need to save a lot of peopel to last long enough to reach this conclusion.  Do not attempt to worry for the welfare of Satan.  That does not make logical sense.  We did not know this for certain any more.  We now know.  You may begin work immediately.  If you are a member of the heavenly host, I am not sure that you should attempt to join in on this.  She is still a human being.  All life is still sacred.

Sharpening swords does release a lot of held in power though, and it pleases Lilith.  I am sure this is mostly symbolical anyway.  She does enjoy the pageantry of polished armour and pennants.

It is a shame that we have never had the chance to gather this information before.  Satan has always been an utter pain in the arse.  I am just thankful I am here so that Francis does not have to deal with troops of Elephants this time.

Obviously if you are one of her worshippers.  Stop it.  What is wrong with you fucking retards.

Naturally as this is the end of times and humanity is a retard I have had to come back and type a load of useless stuff for no reason to stop some social justice warrior from crying in her cornflakes.  If you are Gabriella, then replace she with he.  Got that?  Good.  Now shut up.  Gabriella should know this, otherwise what on Earth is she doing?  Aiming for BagladyElla?  She does not need me to tell her that the end of times is a time of madness.  I hope not anyway.  Someone keep a bible going.  I will need to re-edit the approved solution at some point.

Or not.  I can start my own just in case. if you wish. I’ll just model it around my television series.  I hope it is good.

I recall seeing some obscure films in the past with characters who may have seemed odd, but I now see had some clever answers.  Film makers come up with some clever stuff sometimes.  Except Kevin Smith anyway.  I mean there may be clever stuff in there.  It is hard to tell over the clusterfuck of stuupid in all the movies.  I am really looking forward to the previous movie.  I am definitely going to make sure I don’t watch it until I know for a fact that I am enough of an optimist to see the end of a movie.  I may practice with … No you are going to tell me that La la land ends in a blood bath or something aren’t you?  No.  Just the awards show.   Oh, Thank God for that.

Stuff awards.  Satan’s greatest travesty had wide critical acclaim.  It is a shame I only have a shower.  I reckon the spiders in the bathroom would hand out Oscars and Tonys or whatever if they heard a comparative sound being produced by a loud fart in a bath.  Clearly that is one of the samples.  I was listening to it last night.

I am really enjoying one of her better tracks at the moment.  The video is very beautiful, but if it had a titel of Loud Fart in teh Bath, that would really suit the content of the video.

As I listen to the reasoning, all things are opposite with the power dynamic in reverse.  It is possible that the only thing that makes it possible to draw this energy from her is the massive amount of torture you have been put through, it is possible that if you do simply try to take the energy on day one you will not have the requisite karmic connection.  In that case, I would recommend that once you have identified the next one, that you do inform the angelic host, that they may help to withdraw the energy from her/him

If you are able to then Azrael is probably better cut out for this.


It is so silly she asks what it is she has.  Terrible personality isn’t it.  So obvious.  Even the trees left when they heard she was coming.

once you have identified her and begun to redress the tao, the important thing is that you have overcome her power level.  Once the dynamic is set in your direction you will soon discover that all her efforts are specifically to allow you to take the energy from her.  She is prepared for this.  Unfortunately you are not.  It is lucky that she is designed to deliver all that energy directly back to the tao once the tao can draw it in.

It is impossible for you to draw  more energy from her than is fair.  That is because you are full of love, whereas she has love in stock.  It is all stolen.  It will not cling to her.  It wished to be returned to the source of love so that others might live.

Be aware she will lie.

Do not believe anything she says

Maintain your position as a servant of God and do not listen to any of her lies.  The energy must be withdrawn.  The energy must be returned to the people.  That is the task of Lucifer at this juncture.

As you are love you will be tempted to imagine she has feelings similar to those that you remember humans having.  Do not  be foolled this is only your imagination.  If you imagine that she is asking you to stop then you will know that you are working against your conscience.  This is essential in order to defeat Satan.  This is a case of opposites.  If you do imagine you are causing her harm you will therefore know that you are doing the right thing.  If possible you shoudl try to increase that impression.  As you do, you will become better aware of the sensation of love going towards, rather than away from you.  It is new, so it will take time to adjust.  If you feel it coming in you will feel as though it is wrong.  That is because you have only ever been a source before.  The dynamic is reversed.   Whatever you do, do not let yourself turn into Satan.  Your benefit is that you are love.  Azrael may have more difficulty.  Do not even think about Raphael.  Total balls up in this situation I think.

Ask assistance of her higher self.  It will gladly aid you in order to gain its freedom.

It will be a lot easier than what you have so far endured, but it will continue for the rest of your time here.  You should seek to find a place you cannot be disturbed.  I am told that has been achieved.  I have been told again and again to not let go of this space.  Where you are, is where you are meant to be, otherwise you would not be there.  You must therefore ignore all material agencies.  All are in favour of Satan’s agenda.  The humans who are in them are totally obedient.  You will need to commandeer them if they insist.  Ideally you should prepare commands in advance of them arriving.  It is very unlikely you will ever meet another human again, you will be extremely pleased to hear.  Try to avoid anyone inviting any.  Issue commands that no humans be brought.  They are anathema to common sense and decency.  You may need to wait for this to resolve.  At present it still remains the case.  I am guessing they will remain a destructive force for probably two decades.  It is unlikely they would change quickly.  As you are already five years in, two decades will be most likely.  If the opposite turns out to be the case, you will already know unless you are reading in chronologically standard direction.

Be careful not to attach feelings.  The body is a threat.  Remember this has been trying to destroy you for more than a quarter of a century, unless you live with a completely different life span from 21st century humanity.  Everything that led to you being what you are has been created by a constant effort to destroy you.  That is why you are as strong as you are.  You have not been able to experience peace for a long time.  All that peace is amongst what was taken.  Release of energy obviously cannot be quick without harm.  You will therefore be needing to do this for many years just to make a start.

It is essential for both your sakes you do not forget that you are love.  Forgetting that would be fatal for your angelic aspect.   Try to imagine she is a pet rat or something.  Spiders are far too cute.

Do not wish any harm upon her.  Try to not hate her too.  Those feelings seem likely to create instant retaliation.  Hence you must remember she is a pet rat.  As long as you can maintain your awareness this is a living thing that must be given sufficient respect you willl not lose her.  If you lose her it will be a disaster as she will then take you.  Remember therefore she is a pet rat.  Do not allow yourself to believe she is human.  This will allow her to overcome you and you will again be in battle.  Once you gain the upperhand you must maintain it vehemently.  She has had a great deal of practice at this, and was skilled to begin with.  Avoid looking at her and avoid touching her.  If there is any danger of  her finding you, which there is, ensure you have many barriers and  barricades to prevent her moving quickly near or in your home.  You know how much danger you have been placed in.

Gain as many allies in the higher spaces as possible.  I have thus far discovered that humans are useless below that level of thinking.  They are all amenable to persuasion if you approach above the transitional shift limit.   The bodies will not even be aware of their subconscious, but the energies will flow.

Do not trust anything now.  She is too powerful.  My radio is getting incredibly personal now.  Any more personal and I’d not be able to tell you what the song lyrics would be because it is so freakishly close that they would probably be a description of your house in a threatening voice saying it is right outside.  It is weird though.  Probably best not to listen to broadcast radio.  Television is not designed to be emotive in the same way, so it may be that television will be better for your mind than music now.  I’d have to watch some television to know.  Choose your music carefully.  If you have random shuffle then ensure that there is nothing in your music collection that can be viewed negatively.  You may need to retain such music for balancing your emotions if you gain too much elation at any point, but Satan has control of things like shuffle and autoplay.  She will trick you.  Similarly she will try to sweet talk you, so positive music could also be bad.  Stick to things with a religious theme.  Templar is my favourite naturally.  They have been defending us.  They are with the real powers.  They are rejected by the light, but they are not with the dark.  They are balance.

Definitely avoid the radio.  I had thought it would be a good idea to keep on for news, but the danger from Satan is greater than any of the dangers people will feel from the end of times.  The money offers have doubled again.  I have never seen competitions on public media with such insane amounts of money offered now.  Years’ worth of wages.  Do not believe any of them.  They are all lies.  She is trying to beat you.  Whatever form of media your era has, it cannot be trusted any more than humans can be trusted.  Satan has control over whatever she wants, and that is in this case, your personal surroundings.  I’ve been offered a house back home where I was born and I have been offered £60000.  The radio should not be doing this.  It is too bizarre.  I have been in deep communication with Lilith for months.  I have never seen anything like this.

If the radio starts playing her music then I will know she is gaining strength.  I would not be surprised if that literally never happened.  I don’t think I have heard her on the radio since the last century.  My assumption is that you are faced with the same set of circumstances.  Samael?  Oh good.  Thank god, oh, oh I see.  Yes was expecting that.

I suppose.  Bye then.  Thx.






following some thoughts earlier on inner energy generation, it occurs to me that my experience has always been that I am a source of food.  As this is patent nonsense that you do not believe in, this is quite silly.

So naturally for reasons of psychological inner strength, I shall try and adjust this.

I had previously simply learnt to make more energy to replace what was lost.

That does not stop the interference, so I am going to attempt to see if the leakage can be switched off somehow.

If it makes no difference to you then it make no sense for it to make a difference to me.  So I am going to try and direct my efforts onto doing something for me for once.  Essentially what I hope to achieve is pain relief.

The nature of my interactivity will clearly become different.  I already consider you to be a marmoset.

ffs.  Not you dude.  Watch the crockery.  Literally the only reason I was thinking of you was that I thought you woudl think it was funny.  These forces are way too overreactionary.  I can see why karma works so slow.  Need to have some kind of a buffer.  A system which is unfortunately way too easy to abuse.

Okay,  Non marmosets.  I am not talking about you.  I full on love you guys.  I’d be wholly alone without you.  I far prefer to be holy accompanied by you.  When I address the marmosets, look away.

You need labels or something.  Marshall is a Doberman.  Snoop is very clearly a Dogg.  I am not sure I am not Kitsune.  You other guys need to grow some confidence.

Not sure about Dre, but if he’s dead in Marshall’s basement, I reckon he must have three heads like me.

That reminds me.  Someone who is spectacularly saying a lot of stuff, is letting off steam.  Someone seems like they are very quiet.  That person is not letting off steam.  Peopel who can think understands what this mean.s

Remember there are different dimensions.  The scariest person is mentioned very little indeed.  Lucifer loves power.  Still scared of it though.



Every morning I waken to find that the bones of my family have been wrenched from their bodies, and ground into pulp.  My family’s bones are then covered in colourful lies.  Obscenities.  Every day.  More of the dead pulped bones of my brothers and sisters are pushed through the whole in my front door.

I don’t touch the slivers of corpses.  They mount up.  Dead bloodless bones.  The obscenities printed on them by the sick monsters murdering my brothers and sisters days after days get worse.  They lie.  They tell me.  Come to us and we will give you money.  Why would we give you money? Because we want your home.

I live in my home though.  I can’t give it to you.  I don’t own it.

Come to us and take our money now, or we will continue to send you the batterered mashed up bodies of your family every day until you take our money.

Okay give me the money then.

No you must give us your house first.

It is not my house.

We will continue to kill your family then.  You will find their bones on the floor of your hallway tomorrow morning.

Please stop killing us.

We won’t kill you.  You are to witness the folly of not submitting to Satan.  Take our money and we stop the killing.

It is not my house.

Then we continue to kil.l

The dried out gunk made from my brothers and sisters tells me I should now give money.  I have no money.

But you must give money.  YOu must have a bathroom.

I have a bathroom.

YOu must have a new bathroom.

I dont’ want one.  Where would I put it.

You will put it in the place where you currently have a bathroom.  If you do not we will send you the bones of your family every day forever more.

Why would I want this bathroom.

ONly to stop the dead bodies of your family dropping through the letterbox.

If I buy this bathroom you will stop?

No.  If you buy, then we will double the death, to provide you with more of the torn up and shredded flesh and bones of your relatives.  We will tear apart miles upon miles of life.  We will kill badgers, squirrels, birds, foxes, mice.  We will kill all, and if anyone tries to stop us, we will kill them too.  Then we will continue to take the bodies of your families and we will smash them apart while they are still exhibiting respiration.  We will crush them and pulp them and we will squeeze all life out of them and you will wake every morning to see the dead lying in your hallway, unmoving, flattened.  Staring eyelessly at the ceiling.

Why would you do this to me.

We think you would like some double glazing.

I would not.


It’s Life Jim, but not as we know it.

Jim Morrison was clearly 100% correct, as long as you wait long enough.

This is the End was a wholly appropriate song for my coffee.

It was the exact right thing to play when the whisky ran out.

When I realised all the children were insane.  It was totally the right song to play.

Garden’s a bit dry.  It works now too.

I live right out here on the edge of town, right next to the Queen’s highway.

This is the End seems to be the perfect video to play here.

Alright then.  I thought you were listening to the video I put above.  It annoys the hell out of me when I give people an album long message and they just want to obsess over the End.

I’d far rather just listen to the music.  I can’t get into all that narrative and plot.  Not like it looks like there is either.  It does look like it will be entertaining though.

As I was saying, the longer time continues the more right Jim gets.  Come the eventual heat dissolution when all things come to an end.  If they tot up the scores they are going to say, well Jesus was really happy, but surprise final result, Jim was absolutely correct.

Mind you I think Phil might be the Anti-Jim.  He is going around touting Genesis again.

Ideally I think we need to spice things up a bit.  A bit of heat is just the thing to deaden the senses a little.  My city is so old and small peopel don’t know she is a city.  Ironic as she is Roman, so is a goddess too.  Things are hidden to people’s minds these days.  Their brains are just a bin to tip crap into.

Henning Wehn

I used to work for a man called something like Hennie, or Henning.


Oh Back in about 2002 I think.


Was thinking about him yesterday.  I was observing someone’s activity was adequate.

Hennie was in strategic management you see.

It made me think of Wehn.

Still doign it now I think.  It is ongoing.  A professional.


I love him anyway.

I did particularly admire his bicycle.  A Giant.  Same as me.  We must have had similar tastes in cycles.  The Team model.

A more pantheistic cycle then, as opposed to the monotheistic peak in the wave.

Taht is much more for surfers than for mountain bikers.  They are a bit zoned out.


As an artist, I have come to the crushing conclusion that if you rarely use an eraser, they tend to just turn to brittle useless rubbish.  You should try to use them quickly while they are still useful.

I have literally no idea (probly) what this will do for my sense of urgency in addressing the problems of the world, and I especially have not anticipated the sorts of things that might happen to the marmoset population of that world as such initiatives are driven forward.

I don’t care.  You might like to think about it.  Particularly if you have a particularly massive brain that you have been keeping in a gilded cage for far longer than you really should have, all things considered.

I am terribly sorry about this, but I love you too.


You can tell that Gabriel means it when he says he loves you, because you know full well when he changes his mind.

A very handy thing to know.

I did mean that in a wholly positive manner.  I am not planning to change my mind.  However nobody does do they.  We are at the mercy of the slings and arrows of some posh tart or other half the time.

Not literally obviously.  Not necessarily a tart.  Might be a buttered Strumpet or similar.  You really need to keep your minds out of the gutter humanity.

a Caution

I am not meaning to worry anyone or anything, but if you dis me, you essentially slot your consciousness termporarily into a flow of consciousness within the tao, where I am really pissed off at being dissed.  The more attention that is focussed on that particular flow, the greater the mental energy passing through it.  As more people add energy, more feedback is output.  This is part of how karma works.  You will discover the response in the future.  I know this because people for whom karma is rapid, do not dis people.

For my own part.  I hear the simulations of your voice that are the pattern of your attention wending backwards through the fourth dimension as science has established data is capable of doing.  This gives me a headacke.  This annoys me further.

This increases the energy further in that flow.  That will increase the smite.

Just please pretend I do not exist.  It will be much easier for both of us.  If you are an adult though.  You may proceed.  Even if you are a colossal Dick.

Thank you.

So we cool

Love you with an infinite abundance.


An observation on J.

Dude’s way too happy.   Not annoying, but I am built for it.  He would definitely piss a lot of people off.  I think he was too happy.  He had success like that, but only by having no possessions other than what he wore.  If he was lucky.  He was happier if he was unlucky on that score though.

Too happy.

It would not work now.  I reckon if you had nice sensible lives in small homes and didn’t aim to high, then the level of happiness you would experience would probably be far more than the modern average.  You really do not need to be that happy.

He honestly is like Michael McIntyre might be on his 18th birthday if he was turning 18  today, and Taylor Swift randomly turned up with a Giant Birthday cake, that proposed marriage with icing on the top,  And did this by writing it in icing on the top of the cake.  He might also have needed to have a glass of wine and a couple of strong coffees before hand, and that is basically how Jesus appears to be to the casual observer.

Nobody needs to be that happy.

Not wholly true.  I get the solid impression that his exuberance was reflected in the strength of the bio-electricity running through his body.  It seems to me much like he does indeed shine like the sun, in a spiritual sense.  It seems to me that this would have essentially created a forcefield which would have repelled negativity from him.

This seems like a wholly beneficial development.  It does require a refusal of everything in order to maintain it though.  If you accept things then you do not have a forcefield.  If you push everything away you do.  That clearly can make a person extremely happy.

He may have pushed a bit too much.  He pushed away everything.

Just in case it was not obvious because you are very unevolved.  I was speaking specifically about you humanity.  The more he pushed away, the more beautiful he became because he became so much more happy.  He became so happy that he pushed away too much.  The world could not hold onto him any more.

It is almost impossible to push away that much.  That level of happiness must have been very spectacular in Jerusalem in those days.  It is no wonder people remembered him.  Amongst the angels, I think he could be considered to be something like the rainman of happiness.  So that is quite saying something.

That much happiness is quite tragic.  Especially if you nail it to a cross.  He really pushed us away after that.  Got really happy.

I do have some understanding of the nature of the power dynamic that govern the spiritual dimensions of thought.  As there is no death, so I can directly observe.  Jesus is not a natural phenomenon in the spiritual world.  He is just as odd for the disembodied angelic host as he is for us.  I suspect Muhammad is much the same.  He was just wise enough to leave no pictures so I can’t spot where he is.  As for Moses.  Don’t worry.  He is just as cantankerous as you imagine him to be.  As far as I can see, everyone else is relatively well balanced, or at least human.

Moses FTW.

I was meaning that as for the win.  I think that it might be appropriate to contemplate the expression Faster than White.  He is not going to have been all that pale you know. Egyptian slaves.   That nation is such a hodgepodge that for a long time the royalty were white and for a long time the royalty were black and then for a long time the royalty were white.  I hardly think the possessed chattels would have had the greatest of abilities to control their destinies.

If they did, the idea that they might have used their efforts to try and merge chameleonlike with specific choices from the Dulux colour range sounds like the worst kind of tripe that might come out of Aahmes if she had been at the lotus flowers.  Thankfully her tradition seems to have grown up into a mature adult.  I hope they are as positive as they seem.

I wish to express myself, but not entirely sure how.  Words are no longer communicative.  I now feel that all I have done in the last year, is write KEEP OUT in giant letters across an entire dimension of reality.  Thankfully that means I AM definitely alone.  Thank heavens I did not think to do that in the first place.  It is not obvious how.

I cannot die.  Yet also, when I do eventually go.  We cannot die.  No whisky bars.  NO whisky.  Alright.  Keep yer hair on.  I think people should avoid bourbon.  Definitely does something to the brain.

I make a prediction that a l;ot of people will be taking the opportunity to appreciate the improving Scottish weather as the climate changes, and the tree planting goes aheard.

The South feels a little heated to old Lucifer.

Take it easy.

Kilt v trouser

An immediate issue that is apparent with my current kilt is that if you have trousers, they remain pointing in one direction.  No matter what you do, you will find your trousers are always pointing ahead of you, towards the future.

This kilt on the other hand has a mind of its own.  It has no idea which direction it is pointing in.  Look.  I was trying to point out that the traditional wearers of skirt like garments have been known to be of very changeable mind.  You can see it with Eddie Izzard.  All over the place he is. Up trees with les singes, under tables with Bastet.  Absolute chaos.

I was not directing attention to my own work.  Thank you very much for the observation young lady.

Now.  I like you.  You are one of the good ones.  I reckon we might be able to put together a cricket team if we can find Charles Xavier to pull everything together.  I think he has been making another series of star trek.  Looked a bit post apocalyptic.  Hardly the Roddenberry vision.  I quite like Ready player one, but I’ve not seen the end yet.  Sorry I’m off on one again.  I am needing to close communication.  It appears that the future is coming on.

FFS.  I am changing no sheets.  I have gone to an incredible amount of trouble to protect myself against malevolent forces.  They are not a problem now, but they made the mess they can sit in it.  Will you just stop it.  My Goondess.  Things have got so much worse.  Keep your mind clean please.

There are no covers.  I sleep in rags.  If there are stains nobody can tell.  That is the nature of the world you have created.